Michèle Maniloff-Isnard
Coaching professionnel individuel et d'équipe

Michèle Maniloff-Isnard - Leadership coach - 1:1 and team coaching

Coaching professionnel

Catalyst for self-confidence

I’m a leadership coach who helps individuals and teams reach their full potential in their professional lives.

After working for 14 years for global companies in various businesses (consulting, energy) and different functions (sales, training, HR), I started my own business 6 years ago as an executive coach serving high-performing individuals and teams from major international companies who are seeking to boost their performance.

My clients describe me as a catalyst for self-confidence. I allow them to reconnect themselves with their inner strengths, overcome their own limitations and fully harness their potential.

I’m an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a professional facilitator.

Whether you’re an individual, looking for a boost in your career, or a leader, wanting to unlock your teams’ potential and strengths to realize your business ambitions, I’m the person you need. Let’s talk!